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Time Is On My Side

I've been quiet for awhile, but now I'm back!

Six years ago I bought a frame shop. I've had a ton of help from family, friends, employees and contractors. It's been quite a ride and without all the help, all this wouldn't have been possible!

Year One AND Two - Getting Dirty

The woodshop is in the basement of the 1897 part of the building. There was a lot to sort through. Honestly, I still have more work to do, but it is much improved! The back of the building is also used as the loading dock - no there isn't a dock, but deliveries come through the back and it needed some improvement too. Again, unseen by most, but needed changes were made.

Year Three - Getting Out of the Basement!

Time to focus on the upstairs retail area. I started with the Design Room and worked my way to the entrance of the building. I didn't close the shop through any of the renovations. A LOT of carpet went to the landfill.

Year Four - A Spruced up Powder Room

Time to hit the next phase of the building renovation. My little powder room got some much needed attention.

Year Five - The Gift Room

An unused side room becomes a side attraction.

Year Six - New Hours & New Focus

There is always more to do in a business and in an old building. I'm hoping to have new porch posts this summer, a new paint job for the porch and one new window, but the majority of the renovations are complete. I've restructured the business and the building, now I'm restructured my work life. I'm still around the shop often (maybe too much), but Kyle Landas is the lead operator now. No telling what will be the big news for Year Seven - so Stay Tuned!

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