Featured ARtists & Gifts

Kyle Landas

 - a Marshalltown native, Kyle began working with leather during a time of work disability.  He is known for his custom guitar straps, but his artwork expresses his interests.  

Wade Judge

 - a Marshall County native, Wade teaches in the MHS Art Department.  His acrylic pours feature intense color and fluid motion.  

John Wells

 - a Marshalltown native, John practiced dentistry until 2001.  Retired, he now enjoys photography.  He has a catalog of local images and images from his travels.  

Gift Room (completed 2018)

 - Customize a gift box or bag with:  Vintage & New Items, MHS Ceramics, Mini-Art, and Much More

    1.  Choose 3-5 Items      2.  Pack in a gift box (or bag)      3.  Choose a tag      4.  Tie a Bow

And You're Ready to Go!