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Donation Projects Completed - Night of Stars

January, February and March are unpredictable months. I never know how many projects will come my way so soon after the holidays. Weather can be an issue for deliveries... and if I don't receive materials, I can't finish projects. This year, the flu season threw in a new variable. No matter what, I stay busy, and it's a great time to think about donations for the upcoming year.

So far I've donated to, or worked on projects for: MHS Art Department, MHS Band and Orchestra Fundraiser, IA Valley Leadership Class Trivia Night, Animal Rescue League's Whiskers, Wine & Something Divine, (Clarksville, MO) Apple Shed fundraiser, AND very soon the Night of Stars. (The photo above shows my strawberry themed gift basket. More items will be added before the event.)

Night of Stars will be held April 7h this year. It was started 25 years ago by a friend of mine, Mary Curley, who survived skin cancer and wanted to give back to the American Cancer Society. Now the event proceeds are shared between the American Cancer Society and Iowa River Hospice. Both organizations are special to me. My mom battled cancer and at the end of her life we took advantage of hospice services.

I don't have a lot of extra time and I don't have a lot of extra cash, but if I can help the community a bit with a few donations, then I hope to make a difference.

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