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Don't Forget Our Gift Room!

Yet another holiday is on the horizon. Ah Valentine's Day, it seems to come so quickly after Christmas! If you're like me (old and married, you don't necessarily need more stuff, but you want to prove that you care. Of course, we can frame for you. We can sell you some great local artwork. We still have limited edition prints handy. There's a lot to choose from, including... a customizable, thoughtful gift from our Gift Room!

It's quick and easy...

Choose 3-5 items from the room: ceramic items, linens, baby items, or artwork ~ OR ~ from the drawers full of little goodies that specifically fit into our gift boxes.

We'll pack it in the correct size bag or box.

Pick out a tag, we'll tie a bow and you're ready to go.

Super Easy, Super Fast and at a great price of $29 or 3/$75.

So come by and we'll help you get started!

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