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New Year! New Hours!

I'll be honest 2018 was a hard year. My heart goes out to those who were more directly affected by the tornado. We were lucky; so many others were not.

So 2019 marks a new era at Midwest Frame and Gallery. Over the past five years my (little) team and I have worked very hard at cleaning, streamlining and creating an efficient production process. We have a work flow that allows us to turn around projects more quickly than any other framer in Marshalltown. Because of all this hard work, it is now time for me to step away from daily operations. I am looking for a full-time job that will offer new challenges and use more of my abilities.

We are changing open store hours to:

  • Thursday and Friday 9:00-5:00

  • Appointments available Saturday through Wednesday

Kyle Landas will be in charge Thursdays and Fridays, while I will continue to handle individual appointments.

When John Teager (the business founder) started out, he worked part-time from his house. Pat, John's wife, eventually told him he needed his own space and he bought a little house at 506 South 9th Street. It was still a part-time job, but the Teager family pitched in and made it work. Forty-five years later, we are still working out of the same space and in much the same way.

So don't hesitate to call or stop by and in the meantime, I wish everyone a great 2019!

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