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Busy Busy

We made it through another little interior renovation and the Gift Room is complete.

Another fundraiser for the MHS Art Department is complete - a huge thanks to everyone who donated and bid! Some are lucky to have great pieces of art!

Another round of student framing is heading home with students and the 2018 pieces are heading to the Fisher Community Center to hang for the year.

And now the façade of the building is getting a facelift. There's a lot to be done... we'll see how much we finish this year.

Before (July 2016)

In Process (May 2018)

School is almost out and we are wrapping up the non-essentials, but in the few weeks we have left we are sprucing up the place just a bit more.

By the way, we will be closed the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Once summer comes, I never know if I'm coming or going, and every summer has been a little different so I'll buckle up for this year's ride.

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