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April's Special: 15% off Diploma/Certificate Custom Framing

This month’s special celebrates the time and effort put forth to receive a diploma or certificate. Some of us invest time, money and effort to earn a college degree. At the end, we walk away with an education and a piece of paper. That piece of paper isn’t necessarily worth much, but what it symbolizes speaks volumes. We all take different paths, but in any achievement there is sacrifice that deserves special attention.

I never framed my bachelor’s degree diploma. I wanted to wait till I earned a Masters degree. Years later (13 years, to be exact) I finally earned an MBA and finally had the two diplomas framed together. (Had I known I would own a frame shop, I should have waited a little longer and framed them myself!)

There isn’t a right or wrong way to display an achievement, but it is nice to remember the sacrifice that it took! For anyone who has gone to school while juggling a family, the sacrifice isn’t just yours – it’s the whole family’s.

So celebrate the achievement - no one else is going to do it for you!

(This is a duplicate posting from last April. Same month = Same special!)

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