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The Gift Room is Complete!

After The Renovation! April 2018

The Long Renovation Road

March 2016

March 2016

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January 2018

During the Renovation

During the Renovation

It's Done!

The little side room has a new big job. The room is the "go to" place for gift items, MHS ceramics, prints and framed prints. Need something immediately - the gift room is your place!

The concept comes from my pursuit of being organized which includes being ready for events that require a gift. In my quest, I learned about gift closets. It doesn't have to be a closet, but the idea is to keep a stash of easily gift-able items. Candles and matches, linens and sachets, wine glasses with gift charms, whatever fits your personality, but the stash is kept together with wrapping items so you can put together a gift lickety-split. This method is supposed to cut back on last minute shopping saving you time and money.

I also learned about assembly line gifts, keeping basically all the same elements in various gifts. Six hand towels, with six bars of soap, with six soap dishes, on and on and on. Random items brought together become a thoughtful gift.

Here is my retail version of a gift closet. I hope you like it. To get a full tour (and understanding) come on by and I'll give the full tour!

By the way, this really is a big deal, I have completed all interior renovations. You Have No Idea How Happy I Am!!!

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