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Listen While You Work

I've always been a reader. As I've gotten older it's been more difficult to fit in time to read. I came up with a solution. While I work in the basement workshop the first part of the week, I listen to audio books while I'm cutting mats, mounting artwork and fitting projects into frames. Marshalltown Public Library has a great selection and I pick up whatever strikes my fancy.

I'll admit, I haven't been as faithful to reading as I was last year. So above are a few favorites in the business category. Below, are a few oldies, but goodies.

Of course, this is a little old-school since I haven't started downloading audio books yet. Maybe that should be my new and impproved 2018 habit. We'll see what happens! In the meantime, I still like curling up with a few good books and Vivian Maier is the next on the docket.

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