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New Year's Cleaning

Cleaning, Inventory and Financials, Oh My!

Every year between Christmas and New Year's we take a break and clean the basement work areas... It is much needed.

I had a new helper on the clean up crew. Who knew power tools could be so much fun?

I usually start in the woodshop, the dirtiest part because of the sawdust that's created in the framing process (and why there is a separate wood shop). Sawdust is collected and disposed of, flat surfaces are cleared and wiped down, materials are stored for easy access. Then we move on to the cleaner work areas, but as in any structure, dust bunnies are hiding and cobwebs appear, seemingly, overnight.

We also start the inventory process. Artwork, moulding (frame material) and mat board have to be documented.

December is notorious for being a busy time for producing, and the financial paperwork gets pushed off to the side, until after Christmas; then it's catch up time. This year I needed to update QuickBooks. I still haven't figured out how to convert all my files, but I'll get it soon. Speaking of software, I splurged on Photoshop Elements and I'm pretty excited to start working with it as well.

And then there is the winter prep. Shovels and ice melt are at the ready for whatever comes our way.

So while the shop is officially closed, there was a lot of work being done behind the scenes. No one will notice but my little team who can breathe and work a little easier!

By the way, Happy New Year to everyone - I wish you peace in 2018!

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