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Gallery Gift Boxes - Gifts on the Go

A little side attraction at Midwest Frame and Gallery are Gift Boxes!! There's a new batch of in for the holidays. For our Holiday Special of $29 you have a gift: boxed, tied with a bow and ready to go! The pictures below show a few samples, but customization is allowed!

This one I think of as a desk set. The frame can be used for a personal photo, with a notebook and a little stationary... always good to have on hand.

This is a little more romantic and has the potential for an upgrade with a spa, massage and/or dinner gift certificate. The boxes can be a gift within themselves, but aren't overstuffed so more items can be added.

And last but not least. This one features a mug from the MHS Student Ceramics, a Pat Bartlett print sample and lots of goodies to enjoy. As always $10 is donated to the MHS Art Department.

As for the background to these offerings? In my quest to be organized, I learned about gift closets. It doesn't have to be a closet, but the idea is you keep a stash of easily gift-able items. Candles and matches, linens and sachets, wine glasses with charms, whatever fits your personality, but the stash is kept together with wrapping items so you can put together a gift lickety-split. This method is supposed to cut back on last minute shopping saving time and money.

I also learned about assembly line gifts, keeping basically all the same elements for various recipients... six hand towels, with six bars of soap, with six soap dishes, on and on and on. Random items brought together become a thoughtful little gift.

Another personal preference is to recycle/upcycle items. I love looking through antique stores and second hand shops for little things that might make up a bigger gift package. Little wine glasses are my favorites.

You're probably rolling your eyes, thinking I'm a gift nerd. Well, I am and I can't help myself... but others can gain from my nerdiness.

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