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That's Life!

Last week was a little crazy.

It started off with me noticing a little chest cold. Just a little cold, nothing major, just annoying - time to push through the week. The weather was unseasonably hot Monday and Tuesday. Of course, lots of soccer practice was on the schedule and travel to a tournament over the weekend. This time of year I try to prep for summer as best as I can with end of school coming very soon!

I switched to a new insurance company and there was an inspection of my building mid-day on Wednesday. After listening to weather warnings all day, by 4:30 I was wondering if it was a false alert, but the storm came. It came hard and fast, there was no build up to this storm... no sir, crazy wind hit us hard. It didn't last long luckily, or there would have been more damage.

Results: We lost electricity at our house for about 28 hours (again, annoying but manageable... push through). Thursday morning I drove to the back side of the shop and noticed lots of shingles and trash in the neighbors yard... they were my shingles and trash... but I had electricity. After picking up the mess I got on the phone to call in help.

The roof is patched for now (beautiful, I know) and while I wanted to work on the outside of the building this summer, I wasn't expecting to work on the roof. I guess that's life!

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