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Facebook Give Away

Communicating with friends, family and clients has never been easier with today's technology. I don't lead the most exciting life and framing isn't the most exciting profession, but I love to keep everyone updated on latest trends, completed projects and my (minor) achievements. A great way to do this is through Facebook. So I'm trying something new; I'm hosting a giveaway on my MidwestFrameGallery page (

You probably know the routine...

ENTER to win the Iowa or Iowa State framed image!! 1. Like our page 2. Share the post 3. Comment on the photo - let me know if you cheer for the Hawkeyes or the Cyclones!

Once these 3 steps are done, your name will be entered into a drawing. The drawing will take place Sunday, April 30th @ 10 pm. Good Luck to You!!!

Well, it's my turn to try it. Since I changed the business name last fall, I've been maintaining two websites and two Facebook pages. I knew I needed to allow for a transition period while everyone gets used to the new name, but I want to be proactive in getting people acclimated with Midwest Frame and Gallery. A little giveaway never hurts in gaining name recognition. Soooo, here we go... and If it goes well I'll do it again in the fall!

#Facebookgiveaway #entertowin #IowaImage #IowaStateImage

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