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Happy Birthday to Me - 5 Years of Business!

Just a list this time, of completed projects over the years. All the while keeping framing projects moving through the production process.


April 22 – June 10 - Training under Smeins’ (160 Hours)

May – Began compiling client information for mailing list

June 3, 2013 – Purchase of business and building

August – Found and corrected water damage on SE wall, new gutter installed to prevent further damage

September - Installation of Valiani Computerized Mat Cutter (CMC)

November 24- Open House

Cleanup of Basement


January WCAF Expo

Continued Cleanup of Basement - overstock, discontinued and scrap material

May – Reworked back parking/door

September – Pulled down wall from basement

November – Floor support beams installed in basement

December – Woodshop Rearranged


January - WCAF Expo

February -Cassese Vnailer purchase and training

September – Replaced front door and installed new windows


January/February – Design Room Reno – New flooring/wall covering

May – Retail Room Reno– New flooring

July – Retail Room Reno – New wall covering

October – Business name change

November – New Website


February – Powder Room

June - New Roof

August – Tree Planting

September – New Lighting throughout building


April – Break Room Renovated, Attic Insulation, Gift Room Created

June – Outside Painting – Porch, Front/Back Door Landscaping Clean up/Mulch, Wash Windows

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