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Refresh Your Artwork

Here's a before and after that I've featured in previous blogs to demonstrate an artwork renovation. If you have artwork that needs a little refreshing/renovation/facelift/change of matting, February is your chance to get it done at a reduced price. I'm offering 15% off matting for the whole month. Come in and we'll get you loving your old artwork again!

These two pieces of artwork are from the same artist. One is dated 1919, the other 1920. The picture on the left was framed by Teager Frame Shoppe in the 70's (John Teager started the framing business that I continue today), and you can tell from the avocado-ish green mat. Both pieces were framed with the same mat and frame.

The artwork on the right features updated matting and frame. I've repeated some of the colors found in the artwork with the bottom mats. The top mat is nice and neutral - still a color from the artwork - but neutrals stand the test of time. This is just a demonstration of how a few tweaks can make a big impact.

Refreshing artwork can be as simple as updating matting. These two pictures display the same image (a poem written in calligraphy), but the look is very different. Originally the piece relied on white and black mats. We looked at different options and came up with the version on the right. Every now and then you get a lot of bang for your buck, and this is one of those times. A change of matting and the artwork looks totally different.

Overall, we see is a more eclectic mix of interests, colors, and artwork than 40 years ago, but we always want to stay true to the artwork and create repetition with the elements the artwork displays.

The black and white version is perhaps a little stark. The red matting warms up the piece. However, it is important to note that there isn't necessarily a right or wrong version, and we always go through a collaborative selection process - no one is pushed into a decision.

A few tweaks and you will see artwork in a whole new light. And February is a great time to take action. Come see me soon!

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