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One More Room to Reno

After the dirty work of sorting, cleaning, disposing of excess, in the basement shop for the first two years of ownership. Then renovating the retail space for a year. Then renovating the powder room... and re-roofing the building unexpectedly, last year. There is still one last room.

Here are the "Before" pictures.

The first picture shows off my newly refinished floor. I worked on floors over Father's Day weekend 2015.

(Of course, I never thought to get the truly "before" pictures - what the room looked like when I first bought the business and building almost five years ago. It never crossed my mind. I'm consistent in my lack of foresight, but I'm trying to get better!)

So 2015... a year and a half ago. We all know what happens to an empty room... or closet... or drawer. We fill it with valuables... or junk... or something! And I'm no different; what was an office under the Smien's ownership, became a room I wasn't sure what to do with: office (that didn't work for me), break room, finally storage room, with lots of stuff!

So here we go. Take it All in... All the beauty... All the, no, no ... All the Potential!

I'm in charge of finishing the demo and then I get to stand back and let the professionals take care of the renovation. I'll keep you posted!!!

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