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Refresh the Walls Sale

Help yourself to great deals and help me clear out the shop for 2018!

So... here we go - the last event of 2017. Friday, December 1st from 10-7 is Refresh the Walls Sale. It's time to clear out the old to make room for new samples and framing for 2018. It's more than just clearing the walls though, I want a truly fresh start for 2018! So here's a list of sale items:

Framed prints are 70% off.

Framed Prints
Framed Prints
Framed Prints

Unframed prints are as low as $7.50 or free with framing

Unframed Prints
Unframed Prints

Unframed Prints

8 x 10 Framing Kits are $29

8x10 Framing Kits

Gallery Gift Boxes are $29 or 3 for $75

Gift Boxes

And, of course, we have a constant supply of MHS Student Ceramics. There are still fairy houses available and of course a collection of other great pieces. Suggested donation is $10/piece. All proceeds go to the MHS Art Department.

MHS Ceramics
MHS Ceramics

It's time to clear out the shop. Stop by and see if there's anything that strikes your fancy, or takes care of someone on your list!

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