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Last Donation of 2017 - Charity Ball

The calendar has a couple more pages and that means I have one more donation to ready. This one goes to Assistance League's Charity Ball. This year's theme is Putting on the Glitz.

After discussing a few options with a few Leaguers and a Sustainer, we decided a jewelry Christmas tree would be quite appropriate. Once this was determined, I sent out a plea to friends and family. Low and behold, jewelry started coming in. I will confess that I went thrift store hunting for a few fill in pieces.

And then I sat and shuffled pieces, and sat some more and shuffled some more. It's kind of a puzzle putting different pieces together and a lot of gut reaction. But finally I have two projects in the works.

One is almost done...

And one is not...

I never can plan how it's going to turn out and I always have a few false starts, but I'll have two for donation and that makes me happy!

A huge Thank You to Jane Bauer, Mary Curley, Vicki Meyer and Ellen Rogers for jewelry donations!!! And another Thank You to Facebook friends who voted for the red background on the (very) sparkly tree!

Assistance League of Marshalltown is a charity organization made up of 40 women who raises money for community projects. Charity Ball is always held the first Saturday in December at Elmwood Country Club. This year the event is Saturday, December 2nd. For more information, please visit:

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