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Another Donation - St. Francis Harvest Ball

Another donation cycle is winding down but we still have the St. Francis Harvest Ball coming up Saturday, November 4. This event I tailor to the needs of the committee and every year is a little different. One year, I donated labor in fitting photography into ready made frames Another year a print of the Marshall County Courthouse was framed and donated. Another year, I donated labor in framing kid projects. Way back in 2013 a framed print was plucked off the wall and added to the donation pile. I want to stay flexible and help out as needed.

This year might have been the most fun. The committee already had large artwork for the auction so we went with small scale items. We raided the gift box table, checked out the MHS ceramic stash, looked through artwork and I ran to Market of Main in Albion to came up with these combos.

For more information on this year's Harvest Ball, check out St. Francis' Facebook page, under "Events".

Now that I have these done, I will focus on the last big event that I offer a donation. Charity Ball is always the first Saturday of December, the theme is always changing, so that donation sometimes takes awhile to figure out which was the case this year. But after a little conference today, I know my direction and I'll be working on that project very soon.

Stay tuned, I'll post on the final project!

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