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Framing Family Heirlooms Event

We all have little items, and sometimes big items, that we don't know what to do with but we can't quite give away... or throw away. Sometimes it's a collection of items. For instance, a shopping bag full of costume jewelry - what the heck would you do with a big bag of jewelry? or buttons? or cufflinks? or hankies? Some things are worth money while other items are purely sentimental. Value comes in different forms but no matter what it's great to pull items together to hang on the wall and ENJOY!!! Frame those treasured items!

If you are on the fence, that’s okay. We are featuring Framing Family Heirlooms this Thursday, October 19 from 10 am – 7 pm. This is a great time to gather items, bring them in and I’ll give you advice - no pressure, no commitment, just exploring options. I’ll have examples to look at and more pictures to show off. Of course, Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas. Sometimes a quick internet search provides great inspiration.

It's time to research the available possibilities! Join me and together we'll figure out the best path forward!

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