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Some Weeks Are Better Than Others

Last Monday I was out of the shop during the day. However, I had to be back for a 4:30 appointment. I drove up to a closed 9th Street. The road was (and still is) gone right in front of my shop and I can’t get to my parking lot. No warning, but not a big deal. I drive around, find a parking spot on the fly and call my appointment to warn him. He comes, we get a design figured out and we both leave for the day. Then I have to warn my delivery guy for the next morning.

Tuesday delivery. Done, no big deal. Work on projects. Then I have to warn my helpers of the missing road. No big deal. Tuesday and Wednesday, everyone makes it in and projects move along. We are all surviving. Post to Facebook that I am open and available Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

People figure out how to approach the shop, make it in, all is well.

I think I’m thrown off track more than anyone else. While I can’t do anything about unannounced road construction, I feel responsible for letting people know – what small business owner doesn’t feel responsible for these kinds of issues? The problem is I’m distracted and I end up making little mistakes.

I didn’t ruin anything, everything will be fine in the end. I just created more work for myself.

So today I’ll be in fixing mistakes and attending to issues that had to slide last week. With so much tragedy from hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, etc. a closed section of road is NOT a big deal, I know that. It just shows how easily distracted I am and how much I take for granted.

Some weeks are better than others - that’s all.

In the meantime, I’ll take a breath, get to work and fix my little messes. Soon, I hope to announce that the road is repaired and open for use. I’ll keep you posted!

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