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Fall Events Announcement!

School has started, the weather can't decide if it wants to be cold or hot, a few leaves are falling... so Fall is on its way. With Fall come more announcements from Midwest Frame... and a mailing... and new brochures!

Thursday, October 19 - Framing Family Heirlooms 10am-7pm

jewelry, hankies, letters, buttons, cufflinks… Want to explore options?

Come by we’ll look over what you have.

Thursday, November 2 - Under $30 Gift Mart 4pm-7pm

Guest Vendors

Local and Regional Artists’ Work

Gift Boxes and 8x10 Framing Kits

Friday, December 1 - Refresh the Walls 10am-7pm

Time to clear out 2017 wall samples to make room for new ones.

Help me reduce inventory and help yourself to great deals!


It’s not too late to complete framing projects!

Stop by and we’ll get your project done before Christmas!

A postcard will be sent out next week, so watch for it! If you're not on my mailing and you'd like to be, just let me know!

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