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Let the Flooring Begin!

I knew I had hard wood floors under the carpet. I had no idea what issues that carpet might be hiding. So I uncovered the flooring and... not too shabby. Dealing with floors from 1890, I knew they wouldn't be pristine. I''ll be honest, they had issues, but I was determined to celebrate them for what they were. Again, off to Strands I go for help! Rustic! We need to find something that will clean them up, but allow them to stay rustic. Pinterest to the rescue!

We had pictures, we had directions and I knew I could muster the will power, but first we had to deal with a big hole in the floor. Call in the contractors!

I've had lots of people ask me about my flooring, so I'm going to give you step by step photos. Sorry, no action photos... it's hard to take pictures of yourself doing work.


1) Yes, it is the original flooring - it's gotta be, but no I don't have specific proof beyond seeing where walls had been.

2) Yes, I did the work by myself with rental equipment and outside expertise and encouragement.

3) Yes, I did the work in one weekend - Father's Day weekend.

4) You too can do it... but it may not turn out like mine did. Depending on what you are starting with, the results will vary.

It was Father's Day weekend so I was determined not to let the flooring ruin the weekend. I'll be real honest. I was VERY hesitant to begin. I didn't know what I was doing and I hate making mistakes. I knew that I couldn't make the floor look much worse than it already was but still I was nervous. Finally I bit the bullet, knowing the flooring was the next step and if I didn't get it done the whole renovation would stall.

I reserved the sanders and ordered supplies. Saturday after closing at 2:00, I picked up everything before Strands closed at 3:00. Now it was all up to me.

AND I DID IT! Many hours and a few days later. My floors were done and my shoes have seen better days!

Now the walls need attention... but that's next weeks story!

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