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Retail Space Renovation

It's great to make things prettier. After dirty work in the basement shop for the first two years of ownership, I still had a lot of work to do, but at least I could move upstairs.

December 2015... All the Christmas projects were complete and picked up. It was time to start tearing down wallpap... no, no, no, CARPET! Yes, there was carpet on every wall (but one - which was pegboard). Wow that carpet was adhesed VERY well to those walls. The picture below is my attempt to show how well. I tried to use all my weight to pull this piece off the wall, but it wouldn't budge; I had to have help. Geesh, can we say, "overkill". I pulled a lot of carpet down on Monday nights because my son had an indoor soccer practice. I stayed behind and worked on the building. By the end of the night, I was sweaty, my hands hurt, adhesive was in my hair and eyes. As my brother once told me, "there's no rest for the ugly."

We had planned an event in early March so we were on deadline, and with contractors help, we got the design room done. There was still detail work to finish but we finished it over the next few months.

After much hesitation we moved to the next phase. The display room - the original part of the building (circa 1890). After all the work I had completed over the winter months I was not excited to start, but with a little encouragement and a lot of advice from people at Strands Decorating Store, I started again. But that's a new story for next week!

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