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2nd Annual Artists for Education Silent Auction - Please Join Us!

Over 40 pieces of artwork have been donated to benefit the MHS Art Department’s Artists for Education Silent Auction. Bidding has begun and will wrap up at Midwest Frame and Gallery on Thursday, May 11 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Proceeds from the event will help fund guest artists at the high school featuring well-known instructors.

I have been accepting donations the past few weeks and the response has been unbelievable. Donations have come from current high school students and current teachers. MHS alumni and former teachers have also donated. Local and regional artists have contributed as well. I expect more donations to trickle in up until the event. This shows the dedication of artists, at all levels, to provide instruction to the future generation of artists.

Over 20 individuals have donated pottery, photography, artwork, books and jewelry already and donations are still being accepted. The artists who have donated (so far) are as follows: Nancy Adams, Julie Bousum, Kenn Brinson, Julieta Cano, Tim Castle, Jaelin Christenson, Ana Gomez, Quinn Goodman, Will Hildebrandt, Larry Kadner, Jacob , Kyle Landas, Jon Muller, Kirk Niehouse, Christine Noel, Jeff Oestreich, Gary Stattler, Mary Ann Tordsen, Keeley Weeks, John Wells, Leann White and Midwest Frame and Gallery.

There is a large selection of pottery donated by high school students. Most of the pieces have a suggested donation $10 each. Many of the silent auction items start at $10 as well.

The point of the event is to come out and support, and of course, enjoy the evening. It’s important to note that every donation, no matter how small, helps us complete the MHS Art Department mission of providing quality art education.

All proceeds from the Silent Auction go directly to the MHS Art Department. We ask that any donations are in the form of checks made out to the Art Department.

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