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MCSD Students Receive Framing

Every year the Marshalltown Community School District hosts a student art show. The teachers mat and hang all the pieces in the Fisher Community Center for the month of March. I participate by choosing a student work from Lenihan Intermediate, Miller Middle, and the High School for framing. I consult with the art teachers to identify students who would benefit from a little encouragement.

After I have them framed, they are revealed at the Artists for Education Silent Auction. This year the event will be held Thursday, May 11th from 5-7pm at Midwest Frame and Gallery.

The students have a chance to see they newly framed artwork before they hang in the Fisher Community Center near the Chamber of Commerce offices for the upcoming year. After the year the framed artwork is returned to the students and the cycle is repeated.

The three pieces on the left are from this year's student art show. One piece from Lenihan, Miller and the High School. Last year's projects are in the middle and the right. I did two from the High School, and one from Lenihan and one from Miller. These projects are being returned to the students.

But there are some other goals...

1) students are encouraged to progress with their artistic endeavors (the collaboration with teachers is key in this aspect) and the chosen students were not awarded in any other way for their artwork

2) honoring the artwork so students/parents see the artwork as "frame worthy" - not just stuck to a refrigerator with a magnet where the artwork deteriorates quickly

3) the older students are part of the framing process - they learn how framing is designed and completed

4) Fisher Community Center/the Chamber of Commerce has a rotating display of "emerging" artists with signage attributing the work to the MCSD students

5) in the end, the students receive free framing

Of course, I get a kick out of it too! It's always exciting to see the student works, collaborate with the art teachers and see the smiles of the students after they see their work newly framed!

Another year complete and I'm already looking forward to next year!

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