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Which Powder Room Would You Rather Use?

Part of owning an old building is making the best of the situation. It’s good to be realistic, ready to work and, in this case, have a good contractor. Knowing I wanted to work on my powder room as the next phase of the building renovations, I had a few priorities: utilizing the space better, keeping costs down and creating a more inviting space.

I love before and after pictures, but I find them a bit misleading. This was a tiny project, but there were still many steps and while most of the work was completed in a few days, the details always take awhile to finish.

All in all, I love the end result. Another project complete… and I know which powder room I prefer!

I found this at the local antique store. It was not love at first site, the stain I found bothersome

(the picture doesn’t show its greenish hue) but I liked the curves and could imagine it repainted.

I took it into the powder room and realized it was tilting because of the uneven floor. I pushed it up into

the corner and knew I wanted it mounted. I looked for a crazy color, but in the end decided to keep it

neutral, which helps tie in colors from the retail area. $25 later, I have a little more storage and the awkward bump-out becomes a little more functional.

This was my first wall tile project. We had leftovers from a home renovation that I figured would work well. After consulting the experts at Strand’s, I got to work and a few hours later I have a backsplash around my new sink.

The next project is upgrading light fixtures in the retail area and the basement workshop. This is NOT an exciting project. Most people will never notice, but in an effort to cut my energy bill, I’ve been told this is an important first step. I don’t mess with electricity so the hard work will be on someone else… thank goodness!

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