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Graduation is Right Around the Corner

Parents with kids graduating this year are figuring out senior pictures and are thinking about graduation parties. The month of May marks the end of school and for seniors in high school, it's the end of K-12 education. Sending a kid off to kindergarten is exciting and nerve wracking. Ending the journey with a graduation celebration carries its own emotions. So for parents, grandparents, family friends, etc. it's a time to reflect on the past. Of course, pictures are a great way to remind us of the journey.

I put this project together to show the education journey. I made it a little over the top with a stacked frame (three frames: red, blue and black are all attached), labels of each year, conservation glass and a turnbacks on the backside so the next year's picture can be added easily.

I've just completed a much more simple project (with a lower price tag) to achieve the same result. There's room for each year but in a much more concise manner. I can customize the openings as needed... because that's what I do... custom framing!

So what do you do if you need a present? Here's my answer: Money! What graduate doesn't need a little cash to get the next phase of life started? The amount is up to you (I'm showing one and five dollar bills, but any denomination will do... if you even want to give cash).

The great part of this gift is that it is thoughtful and celebrates the journey. While the graduation ceremony is short, the journey was long and this project celebrates that. It can give you an excuse to spend time with the graduate in mounting the pictures together - rounding up all those class pictures may not be as easy as one might think! And it's practical - again money always comes in handy! There are few gifts that offer so much!

Congratulations to all the upcoming 2017 graduates! I hope your hard work results in much success! Parents hang in there the next phase gets interesting!

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