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Renovate Your Artwork

Sometimes you get a lot of bang for your buck. One way is to update matting on your favorite artwork. It was common not so long ago to match framing elements with home decor. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that... until the decor changes. Another downside is that certain colors are associated with certain decades.

Guess the decade!

Avocado Green.... Harvest Gold

Dusty Rose.... Colonial Blue

Neon... (and parachute pants)

Hopefully you get the point.

What we see is a more eclectic mix of interests, colors, and artwork. We really want to stay true to the artwork and create repetition with the elements the artwork displays. So here's a before and after to help demonstrate my point.

These two pieces of artwork are from the same artist. One is dated 1919 the other 1920. The picture on the left was framed by Teager Frame Shoppe (John Teager started the framing business that I continue today). in the 70's and you can tell from the avocado green mat. Both pieces were framed in the same way.

The artwork on the right features updated matting and frame. I've repeated some of the colors found in the artwork with the bottom mats. The top mat is nice and neutral - still a color from the artwork - but will stand the test of time.

Here's another example.

The top picture is how the artwork was brought into the shop. The picture below features fewer layers but I'd argue it creates a richer, warmer feel. The top, black and white version seems a little stark. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong version. This is just a demonstration of how a few tweaks can make a big impact.

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