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This Little Piggy Went to the... Frame Shop

This little piggy was the first cross stitch project I ever completed. I was in fifth grade. It's pretty horrible... the stitches are going every direction, there is no back stitching, etc, etc.

However, I owe a lot to this little piggy. My sisters and I learned to cross stich from my mom. Anyone who has done needlework knows there is a lot of time and effort put forth to complete a project. After it's done, you want to show it off... sometimes by framing it.

My older sisters were much better at cross stitch than I (ahem, anyone remember the Precious Moments cross stitch projects... quite a few were completed in those days). I would tag along with them and Mom to the frame shop to have them framed. Hence my first experiences in frame design. I've come along way since then but I still love working with textiles!

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